Zaky Art Account Reveiw

Reviewed by Jack Leist

Art Account- @princeorca

Account run by- Zaky

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          Instagram is home to thousands of unique art accounts. Though I follow over a hundred, there’s only a few accounts that I check daily. One such account is @princeorca ; run by Zaky, a 24-year-old artist based in the US. Zaky has been drawing both traditionally and digitally for over 14 years, and thus has a masterful command of Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, inking, and watercolors. Zaky is a huge inspiration to me as an artist, and it’s not hard to see why, when considering some of the pieces Zaky has released.

unnamed.png    This piece, published in honor of Black History Month (featuring Mae C. Jemison, the first black woman in space), demonstrates Zaky’s ability to create a lively composition. With detailed, multi-toned shading paired with stunning lighting and complementary colors, Zaky creates a piece with depth and contrast. She brings life to the piece with their signature dynamic art style. The composition itself does not merely consist of the subject; instead, Zaky unites the piece with a space-themed background (inherently related to the subject). She creates eye-catching art, and I find this piece to be one of the best exemplars of this fact.

unnamed-2     This work, commissioned by a fan a few weeks ago,  demonstrates Zaky’s masterful use of toned lighting in order to create a mood. She also uses blurring on areas of the composition in order to bring focus onto the intended areas (for example, the expressions, which are noticeably more clear in order to be seen as the most important part of the piece). The dynamic poses are only a part of what makes Zaky’s art so interesting and beautiful. I’ve found that their coloring style often brings the composition to completion.


    It is not a surprise, however, that Zaky still manages to create dynamic and whimsical pieces without color. As seen in this work, an illustration of the popular character Dabi from the anime, “My Hero Academia”,  her art remains dynamic and full of life, even on paper. This is due to Zaky’s stunning line-work, which varies in order to bring a fantastic amount of detail to the piece. The intricate smoke makes the composition pop, and I remain in awe of this piece, as I was when I first saw it.



         In another of Zaky’s traditional works, this time an original piece, yet another lively composition is made; here, through the use of cartoon-ish shapes such as stars tacked onto an intricate background and subject. The shading remains consistently detailed and full of depth, as throughout all of their art pieces. This piece in particular demonstrates both the realistic aspect of their art style in regards to backgrounds, shading, and lighting – as well as the less realistic aspects, such as the art style in regard to the human figure. I feel that this piece best demonstrates the realistic and cartoon-esque combination that makes up Zaky’s art style. 



          While this piece is more of a sketch with flats and arguably less interesting than a complete composition, I feel it is an accurate representation of Zaky’s unique way of drawing humans. The three humans are original characters owned by Zaky. Certainly, Zaky distinguishes between characters easily, without suffering from “same-face syndrome”- or, a common mistake artists make when drawing different characters, wherein there are no differences between eye shape, facial structure, etc. with different people. As represented in this work, Zaky keeps interest with a fluid art style, as well as lively expressions and poses.


          I have idolized Zaky since I first stumbled across their account, and they remain one of my biggest inspirations to this day. I’m only one of many fans, too; Zaky has an impressive following of over 7,000, and it is well deserved. I hold their account in the highest regard, as I idolize their art style and technique quite a bit. As of now, they are less active due to their college studies, work on commissions, and ongoing comic. Despite this, I find myself inspired by their existing pieces and they have served to motivate me to practice art more, and for that I am thankful. I highly recommend checking out Zaky’s art Instagram (which also provides links to their other social media).


Here is some other artwork:

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