Lexi Velte- October

Reviewed by Kayla Wittyngham

Instagram: @her.vantage.point

Photography Account by Lexi Velte

When in search of glamorous artificiality, Instagram is often the place to search. Pictures uploaded by most mainstream photographers focus on a sense of “fantastic reality”, heavily doctored images intended to give the viewer a sense of what fashion or makeup they should be buying and wearing. The truth seems to get lost in these images, and although Instagram is supposed to allow for insight into others’ lives, it becomes instead a place to see only the highlight reel of a person’s everyday life.

Lexi Velte has changed the game.

With a 935 follower audience and 239 images to boot, Lexi Velte’s photography account “her.vantage.point” brings real life back into focus and shows the little details that are what make our world so authentically wonderful. Velte carefully paints a track for her audience, placing her subjects in places common to monotony: a laundromat, an arcade, the middle of the road. Most images are void of special effects and show off all the natural beauty in Velte’s chosen subjects.

The emphasis on light and color make for a striking and vibrant account. Velte’s tools are the sunlight, water, and wind, carefully carving whatever she photographs into crisp gorgeous images. For other pieces, Velte’s use of light creates almost a mystical aspect, showing real people in almost supernaturally glimmering settings. Her focus on the beauty of every day is ethereal, especially in a series of black and white self-portraits that show her body untouched, a spectacle of truth.

You may know her as the Steinbrenner student with a bubbly bright personality with an affinity to catch everyone and anyone off guard with a hug. This vibe lends itself to her account, it is bright and warm just like she is. If you’re looking for a fresh new perspective on our world, check out @her.vantage.point on Instagram; you won’t be disappointed.

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