September- Lukas McLaughlin


Lukas McLaughlin- Kas the MC

Art Form- Music

Age- 18

Grade- 12th

Written by Angelica Reyes

Lukas McLaughlin aka Kas the Mc (Kas from Lukas and Mc for Master of Ceremonies) is a self-taught producer, writer, and rapper who has reached 70,000 plays on SoundCloud and has racked up a large line of supporters. He is currently a part of a collaborative group called the Soulful Misfits which consists of young members ranging from ages 15 to 18.


Lukas has always felt a passion for music but he began his journey freshman year when a friend of his began producing his own music and inspired Lukas to create his own. At first, he strictly produced sounds for 6 or more hours on end, completely isolating himself from the world to focus on his music alone. Two years later, he began rapping. His music has a unique, distinctive soulful sound with introspective lyrics that are personal but still relatable. He finds himself being inspired by rapper Kid Cudi and his struggles of being doubted and underestimated as a teenager and constantly being told that music isn’t the “right” career move.  Lukas has no problem writing about the dark times of his life including the abusive past he’s had with his father which is something he raps about in the song ‘I Told You’ from his album Circa 17. “Tragedy is the best artistic motivation,” he says.


Circa 17 is his first album and emphasizes his struggles as 17-year-old when he was kicked out from his home temporarily. The album includes songs like ‘Time Flies’ and ‘Letter to My Vice’ which talks about his cigarette smoking habit. However, his newest EP Where You At? takes a more meditative and contemplative approach where he discusses his depression and begins to reflect on himself and his life. He even decides to sing rather than rap in the song ‘Shmoke in the Mirror’ which adds more to the emotive ambiance of the EP. One of his more recent songs, and best produced and different, is ‘MR. KEEPMYHEADLOW’ which touches on the feelings of loneliness with a soothing chorus followed by bass-heavy verses, concluding with a unique high tempo- upbeat rhythm which contrasts from his more commonly known mellow sound.

When it comes to the future, Lukas plans on graduating and moving to New York with a family friend and pursuing a music career. “This is my passion, this is all I wanna do,” he says and I have no doubt he will continue pursuing his dream of being a well-known musician. He and the rest of the Soulful Misfits currently have a performance gig at the Orpheum on October 5th (link below) as well as a music video and merch coming out. I personally am very happy to announce such a creative, hardworking student as the Echo’s very first creator of the month and cannot wait for what the future has to bring for Kas the MC.


 All photos taken by Dex Quintal

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