Charlize Ruiz- November

Art Form- Music

Grade- 11th 

Written by: Angelica Reyes

The Echo: What inspired you to make music? 

Charlize R.: I loved the feeling I got when I listened to music. It gives me this warm feeling of comfort whenever I’m feeling a strong emotion. For example, if I’m feeling jubilant I’ll listen to a happy album and if I’m upset I’ll listen to slower more emotional songs and it gives me a sense of comfort and escape. I wanted people to feel that same way. I want people to hear the music I make and feel something spectacular. I was also surrounded by music, my dad used to be a DJ and my mom went to music school at LaGuardia. Plus, we’re Puerto Rican so we LOVE music. 


TE: How would you describe your music?

CR: I usually touch on more personal themes like friendships, love, loss, etc. I definitely have more of a pop/indie ballad vibe. I would also say my sound is a mixture of old Demi Lovato and old Panic! at the Disco. 

TE: Do you write and produce your music yourself?

CR: Yeah! Nothing that’s performance ready but I’ve come up with a few verses and even a few musical arrangments on my own that I keep written down for when I am ready to make full original songs.  

TE: Do you play any instruments?

CR: Yes, I play clarinet in band, and I’m getting better at the ukulele and the piano.


TE: How long have you been making music?

CR: About 3 years, I’ve had my keyboard for as long I can remember but I am recently getting around using it much more. 

TE: How would you describe your creative process?

CR: It usually starts with me just messing around with my ukulele or keyboard and I just start writing it down. I usually figure out the lyrics later. Once I get the tune on my ukulele the strumming pattern comes naturally. Since I’m still a little rusty on my keyboard, I use a website called Jamstudio to help out with instrumentals.


TE: Lastly, do you have any future plans to pursue music?

CE: Yeah! I plan to go to FSU and major in music production and then continue school in New York to pursue a career, possibly even become a choir director. 


Charlize also performed at the Steinbrenner Talent Show, where she sang a cover of “Jar of Hearts”. Getting to know her has been a pleasure with her infectious personality and a strong passion for music that seems to shine through her. I hope to get to see more of her at upcoming performance events. 

All photos taken by Lexi Velte