Staff Page

2018 – 2019 ECHO STAFF

The ECHO is the Steinbrenner High School literary magazine. Our class also provides programs such as, What The Florida, The 211, the ECHO website, multiple social media accounts (across many platforms), and Poetry Cafe. All of these combined represents what it means to be part of The ECHO. The 2018-2019 ECHO members are as listed below.

Editors in chief

Anna Moye

Kaitlin Burkhart



Noah Alewel

Sadie J. Testa Secca

Mitchell Miller


Jordyn Dees

Cassidy Hale

Sammi Sanchez

Oz Lao

Scooby Demalteris

Jack Leist

Sanika Kende

Marlee Wittner

Molly Pefley

Renee Fleet

Rachel Capote

Michael Pemberton


Brooke Alewel

Lexa Mosher

Veronica Da Silva