First Date at the Symphony by Andrea Burgess

Velvet chairs at the symphony Our seats, first class to fantasy  I was lost, searching for my reflection in song You were alone, awaiting the company of a pleasing melody Our hands inched closer like teens at a movie The soft echoes around us accompanied our show A soundtrack full of crescendo and chord Driving […]

A Story Without Resolution by Marlee Witner

I love to read novels. I drink lots of water I listen to full albums without pause I eat whole pieces of cake And I read the whole novel in one sitting. I don’t like pieces. Half of an apology. 50 pieces of an 100 piece puzzle The chorus of a song without the verses. […]

Check Please by Oz Lao

Sometimes, I forget to stop being a writer once in a while. As a writer, I tend to be an observer. An outsider. Someone who doesn’t interact with the world around him. Instead, I take it in, soak it up, bathe in its beauty. Sometimes, I forget to stop being a writer. It’s a habit […]

Suddenly by Renee Fleet

A humongous star begins its ascent over the horizon. Its light pours out from its core, blessing the earth with its tender kiss while disposing of the luminous darkness that had prevented the day’s progression. Heat’s glorious wings embrace the thick, cold atmosphere and share its warmth with the world. Streaks of fluffy white intertwine, […]