Manhunt By Desiree Rull

“Are you going?” We were walking to Biology when you broke the silence. I knew exactly what you were asking; you wanted me to go to the JROTC manhunt fun night. Manhunt fun night was when all the students from our high school would run around the base at midnight playing a massive game of […]

The Tightest Coils By Jordyn Dees

My legs were crossed on the scratchy, beige carpet; pressed firmly into an embroidered sofa cushion. Cartoons danced across the TV screen, blurry through teary vision. I whined and cried, twisting away from my mother and that sharp-toothed thing she called a brush as it ripped and ripped and ripped through my hair. I wanted […]

Donuts by Grace Beilman

There I was, sitting at an outdoor lunch table, contributing nothing to the world except being a third wheel to my sister and her boyfriend who didn’t realize that they were in a public place. That morning before I sat in the glorious spot that is the high school cafeteria, my step-father bestowed upon me […]

Lost In My Own Mind by Zoya Rizwan

 My heart races, thudding harshly against my chest. My looming fear towering above me, each bated breath is heavy in my lungs. My stomach aches; I already feel the wind rushing against me as I make my steady descent, falling into the pit of oblivion. “I can’t breathe” I repeat over and over again in […]