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White Out by Ally O’Connor

Thea’s life has always revolved around her business, she’s a “work-aholic” and that has never bothered her. The interior design company. Thea is CEO of takes up all her time, and by the time she walks into her New York penthouse every evening, she eats a quick dinner while finishing up some paperwork and falls […]

Tintee by Amelia Miller

Digital Art – Blue-022 by Sam Berger TINTEE BY AMELIA MILLER The curtains needed to be replaced. That was my first thought upon waking up, only to have sun beam straight into my eye. The familiar low growl of a motor starting and the squeak of wheels over matted carpet caught my attention.              “Tintee […]

The Birds and the Bees by Michael Van Den Broecke

      Some might liken Japanese Kamikaze fighter planes to bees. After all, they both zoom in out of nowhere, probably kill something, and then die themselves. Planes are just a little bigger is all. However, it is actually the Japanese that took the idea from the bees. A life for a life. They […]

The Sirens by Jack Leist

I promise knowledge. I promise songs bewitching and clear- I promise everything foolish men will fall to, so I may taste the sweet victory of their flesh decaying in the air. Men are all the same. Guileless, pathetic, oh-so-weak. They fall to our song, as they always must. They are nothing; more bones in our […]

The Astronaut by Sarah Brown

The mesmerizing colors of the fading sun filled the sky. The sunsets here were better than any view back on Earth. The yellow melted into orange, quickly fading to a red deeper than the depths of the reddest rose. The orange sun cascaded its light over the cement and onto the lonely building once known […]

Creativity Time by Alison Spier

Collage – Betty’s Wedding by Grace Beilman CREATIVITY TIME BY ALISON SPIER The warriors huddled around the campfire, the nighttime chorusing of summer crickets chirping in the background. Above them, the stars twinkled and winked, glittering diamonds against a deep blue velvet sky. The youngest of them had her head lifted upwards, admiring the intricate […]

The Boy Who Could Fly by Giustina

DISCLAIMER: This piece contains violence and strong language, reader discretion is adviced. The covers are soft, my pillows are fluffed, and I’m the perfect temperature. So why can’t I fall asleep? The realization that my friend found out I can fly was probably contributing to my insomnia; not even my family knew. A twig snapping […]