Creativity Time and Betty’s Wedding

Collage - Betty's Wedding by Grace Beilman     CREATIVITY TIME BY ALISON SPIER The warriors huddled around the campfire, the nighttime chorusing of summer crickets chirping in the background. Above them, the stars twinkled and winked, glittering diamonds against a deep blue velvet sky. The youngest of them had her head lifted upwards, admiring … Continue reading Creativity Time and Betty’s Wedding

Issue 2 – The Tale of Bartholomew the Bee

  The Tale of Bartholomew the Bee One storied afternoon - August 26th of 2017, to be exact - Echonians Thais and Lexi were doing some thrifting. As they meandered through aisles of clothes and shoes and purses, their wandering left them faced with a majestic and overwhelming wall of toys. Lexi and Thais immediately … Continue reading Issue 2 – The Tale of Bartholomew the Bee