Issue 1 – The Tale of Vona’s Almost Firing

The Tale of the Vona's Almost Firing One storied afternoon, Vona was trekking downtown on The Trusty Steed (his Chevy Cavalier) to do smartsy-fartsy curriculum schtuff for the county when his phone rang. The caller id revealed a bad omen in itself: Ms. King on the line. Calls from the monarch herself were rare legends, … Continue reading Issue 1 – The Tale of Vona’s Almost Firing

Halloween Contest

Submit your spooky and/or fall-themed pieces to our latest contest! We will be choosing one writing winner (poetry/short story/drama) and one art winner (paint/sketch/picture/digital design). Our winners will be ANNOUNCED on HALLOWEEN and will receive a spooky prize, as well as being featured on our website! Submission Deadline 10/29. Submit here