Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

Genre – Fantasy/Science Fiction

Rating – Pg-13

Reviewed by – Cassidy Hale

Heartache, action, and drama are delivered in spades from the opening scene until well after the closing credits. The third installment of Marvel’s Avengers finally capitalizes on ten years of character and story building in a brilliant explosion of controlled chaos and special effects. This movie makes good on every promise to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The film’s main antagonist, a brutal alien named Thanos, seeks to acquire the six Infinity stones, whose limitless power once combined will give the person who wields them the ability to reshape the universe at will. The “Mad Titan” Thanos has only one goal: to wipe out half of every population. His motives, however malicious as they may seem, make sense. Marvel offers us the unique perspective of a planet whose resources have been drained due to overpopulation and over-development which eerily parallels our own planet’s potential future. This was Titan, the former home of Thanos. Thanos was outcast from society for proposing a lottery in which half of the planet’s inhabitants would have been executed to preserve their continued survival on their dying home world. As time progressed, Thanos sought to enforce his dire method of salvation upon other worlds, executing half of their citizens. With the Infinity stones, he explains, such a mission could be accomplished with the “snap of a finger.”

Thor, Hulk, and the Asgardians, while aboard a spaceship, are the first to encounter and succumb to Thanos and his army as Loki is in possession of the Tessarac, an artifact which houses the Space Stone. Meanwhile on Earth, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman fight to protect the Time Stone. Captain America leads the charge in the secluded African country of Wakanda to protect the Mind Stone, alongside heroes such as the Winter Soldier, War Machine, and the Black Panther. The war continues on the planet Titan, a now desert wasteland, where the Guardians of the Galaxy team up with Spiderman, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fight for the survival of the universe on multiple fronts against the Mad Titan Thanos and his army, culminating in the snap that will forever change the landscape in cinematic storytelling. Marvel promises that the movie’s 2019 follow-up will be even bigger and more impact than Infinity War. Can the remaining heroes defeat Thanos and fully restore all that has been lost or will some characters remain forever gone? Would you have survived the snap?