Flying Squirrels and Seventeen

SEVENTEEN BY ANDREA BURGESS This piece is a 2020 FSPA Spring Digital Best of the Best finalist. Original Music Mix - Seventeen by Andrea Burgess   FLYING SQUIRRELS BY CASSIDY HALE This piece is the recipient of a national silver key from the 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. ANCHOR Ever wonder why your airline [...]

The Sirens by Jack Leist

The Sirens I promise knowledge. I promise songs bewitching and clear- I promise everything foolish men will fall to, so I may taste the sweet victory of their flesh decaying in the air. Men are all the same. Guileless, pathetic, oh-so-weak. They fall to our song, as they always must. They are nothing; more bones [...]

Creativity Time and Betty’s Wedding

Collage - Betty's Wedding by Grace Beilman     CREATIVITY TIME BY ALISON SPIER The warriors huddled around the campfire, the nighttime chorusing of summer crickets chirping in the background. Above them, the stars twinkled and winked, glittering diamonds against a deep blue velvet sky. The youngest of them had her head lifted upwards, admiring [...]

Vivid Violet and Mama’s Farm

Digital Art - Mama's Farm by Sam Berger     VIVID VIOLET BY GISELA IMMANUEL Violet is the hue intertwined in dusk, A ribbon floating aimlessly in astronomical twilight It is an Orchid Dotty Back blurring in the ocean, Taaffeites hiding under Sri Lanka’s skin. Violet is a chain of legato notes Sliding smoothly down [...]

Shoulders and Live Art

  Shoulders by Grace Beilman   My shoulders can’t be shown but the boy whose shirt says that bullets are faster than 911 runs free of charge and free of stares. My shoulders are not subject to your sexualizing statement, not a symbol of promiscuity not a scandal or an affair. My shoulders are draped [...]