I Remember by Anonymous

CONTENT WARNING: DEPICTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT I remember you, my first and only masseuse, in your 30s or 40s, maybe children or a wife at home. Dark brown almost black hair shaved on the sides, letting it grow in the middle. I remember a sort of scowl that left a mark on your forehead, deep [...]

My Body by Anonymous

CONTENT WARNING: DEPICTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT he's prying on her innocenceundressing her as she walksa predator catching its preyplaying each string of her hearthearing the harmony of her laugh, he knows his goal a frigid desk meets the pleated skirt of polyestergripping her flesh leaving an imprint of deceitwriting on her like an essayeach body [...]

Red Nike’s by Anonymous

CONTENT WARNING: DEPICTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT We were sitting in English, working on a book report. A few students found a box full of rubber bands and started to fling them at me. I asked them to stop. They did not.  Suddenly there was a hand on my head and the words “I’ll protect you” [...]

Empathetic by Dylon Martin

Some part of me craves petulant empathy,which is to say being looked down upon is at least being seen at all. It’s too late for me;I’ve caged my pride and let my insecurity roam free,taking the form of self deprecating remarksripping and clawing their way from my mouth. There is no amount of reassurance that [...]

Beauty by Lance Elliott

Your ancestors did not fight there way here for you to be ashamed of their faceOf their eyesOf their lipsOf their hairOf their skinYour ancestors did not die for you to wish you looked like white peopleFor you to be 9 years old and hate your thin eyesTo wish your nose was less broadAnd you [...]

Poetry Collection by Jessie Nwokoye

He was new, different, maybe even intriguing.She was open, exposed, scared but hopeful.He was fun, and easygoing. He was sweet and kind.She was naïve, but it was okay because it felt right.He felt right, good, he felt warm, he felt right,until he didn’t.One excuse, two excuses, three excuses, four.How many more until she was out [...]