Inhuman Nature Podcast

Throughout time, humanity has searched for a voice. We fought, we killed, we suffered. When humanity is pushed they often push back in ways worse than nature ever could. Disaster has a way of bringing out the worst in us. We become demented, horrible, lost in ourselves. Today, these lost voices combine to tell this [...]

Quaran-tacular Featured Art

  My name is Evangeline Vo. I am 15 years old. In my art, I wanted to capture strong feelings of nostalgia and how they make you perceive memories a little bit differently than how things really were.      My name is Bailey Kimsey. I am 19 years old. I wanted to make a [...]

Stress Relief by Molly Pefley

2019-2020 Magazine Featured Writing The sun scorched James’ skin as he sprinted from the school with the lamb’s head he stole from his science class. That day in class, the students all shied away with disturbed looks on their faces while making an incision into the lambs head. There was hardly any educational value from [...]

Legacies by Grace Beilman

Legacies My biggest fear in life is death.  About six months ago I decided to take a job in an elderly home. Like the memories of the residents, my memories of the elderlyhome have started to fade out and blend together since my last day. As I put in my two weeks notice, my experiences formed [...]

Drexel and Roar

  Illustration - Roar by Kaleighia Engman Drexel by Amira Gerges Quiet, fluttery music danced throughout Druidia as Drexel preformed on his pan flute atop the wooden roof of his hut. The sparrows perched along his crossed legs were all charmed to sleep by the Druidian lullaby he played; the one his father would sing [...]