Memory Lane by Grace Beilman

2020-2021 Magazine Featured Piece

7502 Barry Road
Her fingers tap
to the tune of Again by Doris Day.

Mimicking the beats,
time passing between fragments
of a life left behind.

Their fingers match in round gold
Stitched together by wear lines
of a wartime bond and a forgotten land
where misplaced souls tend to linger.

A blossomed romance in war
An enormous bandage over his heart
Battle wounds hold nothing
to their suburban scars.

She hums to the tune of
a lifetime in pieces
Duck and cover lovers
The back of her husband’s head peeks through
ashtray hair that changes with the seasons.

He knows the words,
but doesn’t sing the song,
looking at the lawn and the new owners
trying to put back the blades of forgotten green,
mowers humming like his plane in Vietnam.

She harps over
how she was a higher ranked officer than her husband
And how she would’ve been the best nurse
America had ever seen.

Their grandchildren hum the tune of
something that wasn’t theirs
trying to breathe in the endless stories
through the suffocating glass that seems to separate decades.