My Body by Anonymous


he’s prying on her innocence
undressing her as she walks
a predator catching its prey
playing each string of her heart
hearing the harmony of her laugh, he knows his goal

a frigid desk meets the pleated skirt of polyester
gripping her flesh leaving an imprint of deceit
writing on her like an essay
each body is a paragraph
tracing each curve of her figure

she’s drowning under his surface
her lungs are constricted, adrenaline coursing through her veins
he’s filling her up minute by minute, as the clock ticks by
the devastating scream silenced by the voices of others
the bell covering her cries for help every time
she’s washed out, in need of revival

so she plants the very poison that nearly killed her on the thin sheets
each name of a witness
each detail of the room
and the very time stamp it began


time unravels as she walks down the halls once again
the ringing of bells, crowds of voices, an unpleasant smell of boys cologne fills her nose
once again a beige pair of pants meets the desk

an unsettling sensation fills her gut
as she lies all her feathery weight on a chair
she can feel him preying on her
the shiver down her spine says enough

encoding each touch, each whisper in her ear
storing it in her memory
file by file, touch by touch, and date by date
a full storage, too much to hold
so she shuts down

so she covers her battle scars
she hides behind a shield of lies
battling the administration because they don’t care
they shift the blame on her, and allow it to continue

allowing his power to be thread into a series of days
17 weeks and 3 more days of hell
a heart so broken it can’t be sewn back together
her mind is fogged repressing the trauma

so she drafts a new essay
threading herself back together
finding comfort in arms of support
though the journey isn’t easy, she’s finally learning to heal
she’s finally being revived back to herself

her pleated skirt never rises again
he now eyes a stone wall
feeling the burn of her whisper, as he struggles against the cold metal

the knots of lies have been untied
she no longer feels the heavy sensation in her gut
a newfound freedom gifted upon her

and as she releases tears of joy
the bitter salty feeling fills her mouth
a new essay is being written
though as she writes there lie setbacks and mistakes
she’s finally free from the eyes of the predator