If White People Didn’t Exist by Kcai Roschell

I saw this TikTok asking me what I’d do if white people didn’t exist
And the truth is that like almost every equation there’s infinite solutions
Don’t get me wrong I love the white people around me now, but most of the ones I’ve met haven’t treated me with respect, with dignity, because of the color of my skin. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

At the age of 5 I dealt with, bullying simply because of the twist I used to protect my hair, even though as kids we’re always supposed to play fair

At the age of 7 a guidance counselor pulled me away from class,
assuming that I didn’t have a father because of my sass
Because all black kids don’t have a father right?

At the age of 11 getting called the n word because it’s just a “friendly word”
There’s no history behind it, there’s not pages in textbooks describing the degradation of the “blacks”, or the stereotypes forced on to my people
But we shouldn’t talk about the history because that’s in the past right

Younger me getting into small fights
They assumed I was angry because of where I’m from
Yet, I live the most white washed neighborhood
Two black families to cover up their subtle racism
Cause two black families is enough diversity or call me a fool
No black people around just one black family out of many white families.

But, what would I do if white people didn’t exist.

And my solution is I’d breathe, I’d breathe every breath on a 2.23 mile, feeling free, the wind carrying me and my spirit along. I’d breathe peacefully, and live my life playing with toy guns in the park along with my friends. Not a single thought on if I’d live or die. I’d breathe the sweet air, as I walk home with my hoodie on, and a pack of skittles to keep satisfied. I’d breathe air as I slept in my bed comfy knowing I will wake up the next day, I’d know that my dad won’t have a knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

If white people didn’t exist, some of the trauma I have wouldn’t be here, the nasty comments behind my back, calling me the n word with a hard r. The teachers who had no belief in me, wouldn’t exist, the surprise that I’m smart because “black people cant be smart”, would be gone.

I’d talk more, using my AAVE the “chile anyways”, “period pooh” would be painted throughout my language cause it’s not ghetto, it’s my culture. it was the language used to unite us, I’d use it, because I can, no judgement involved. I’d let myself be me, because the stereotypes that defined me tpo most people would be gone. I’d scream at the top of my lungs that I’m happy, I’m free, I’m gonna be okay because I’m not going to deal with the nonsense, the uneducated people who refuse to get educated.

It’s a privilege to not have to get educated. It’s a privilege to ignore what’s happening. It’s a privilege to not have to worry about your right to live being taken into someone else’s hands because of the color of your skin. because more me that’s all live has ever been

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate white people, not all, the ones I’ve encountered haven’t been so kind

I know, it seems unfair for you to say “I hate black people” but I can say “i hate white people” But this comes from my experience, people’s experience, theirs and mine out of most people is so different.

We were so oppressed they had to make laws for us, we have “black culture” because most don’t know where we come from, they washed our history away replacing it with the term american.

It must be nice getting to know your history, because that’s all school teachers about, hell they even gave an ap class for your history. Our history is so useless they only gave us an elective. Black people have been through so much and that includes me. I get it’s hard to admit you have privilege, but it’s what you do with it. So please just understand why my life would be easier without a lot of yall in it.