Beauty by Lance Elliott

Your ancestors did not fight there way here for you to be ashamed of their face
Of their eyes
Of their lips
Of their hair
Of their skin
Your ancestors did not die for you to wish you looked like white people
For you to be 9 years old and hate your thin eyes
To wish your nose was less broad
And you were less like you
And more like white people
They did not scream and kick and cry for us to wish to have ivory skin
And a thin nose
And blue eyes
They did not come here for us to think that is the only way you can be pretty
The only way you can be worthy
They did not come here for us to wish them away
You are not a colonizers child
You do not belong to them
You are a child of fighters
Of rioters
Of protestors
Of people that don’t give up
Of people that refused to be put down
Your features are theirs
And your people’s
And you are beautiful