Poetry Collection by Jessie Nwokoye

He was new, different, maybe even intriguing.
She was open, exposed, scared but hopeful.
He was fun, and easygoing. He was sweet and kind.
She was naïve, but it was okay because it felt right.
He felt right, good, he felt warm, he felt right,
until he didn’t.
One excuse, two excuses, three excuses, four.
How many more until she was out the door?
Her friends told her no, her family told her no. Heck, even God Himself was saying no.
But she loved him, and he loved me back.
It felt right.
But by the time she was through the door, her heart was abducted.
She was empty. Alone. Isolated.
She was hurt, grew bitter, vengeful if you will.

Because when you go into war unprotected,
you don’t leave the same.

I like that I loved him
I love that I loved him
Sure, I got hurt, but I loved
I’ve been left broken by those A-Z
But I’ve never been left broken by the One who knows my name.
By the One who calls me adored and loves me blemishes and all
In fact, He’s the One I owe it all too.
Yes, I’m in a broken state but deep down I know that in Him I’m made whole.
He’s the One who sees all the tears I cry and hears the loudness of my deafening silence.
Yes, He’s the One who loves me.
All of me.

He sees past all the “I’m okay” and the “I’m fine”
And through my broken pieces He sees
He picks them up, though they bruise Him, and puts me back together.
Because I’m His beautiful masterpiece.
You see, when people see a mess they clean it up and throw it away.
But when He sees the mess that I am, He stops and sees all the ways that this mess can glorify Him.
Yes, it’s hard to put glass back together,
in fact it hurts.
But His scars from my glass have made me who I am.
They have made me a child of the most High God.
And that’s powerful.