First Date at the Symphony by Andrea Burgess

Velvet chairs at the symphony

Our seats, first class to fantasy 

I was lost, searching for my reflection in song

You were alone, awaiting the company of a pleasing melody

Our hands inched closer like teens at a movie

The soft echoes around us accompanied our show

A soundtrack full of crescendo and chord

Driving our motif with a musical force

Yet I couldn’t hear the violins or the harmony of horns 

Only the dissonant sounds of our short phrases

The mismatched chorus we so desperately needed to fit

I pulled back and listened closer

Until I thought I heard the right note

Now the symphony was ours to play

No conductor, just me and you

Your metronome against mine 

Rushing, racing time

We forced resolution, dampened wrong notes

We played for an audience of two

Our inharmonious song, our hostile intervals

Lost in the score, both alone once again

The velvet chairs at the symphony 

Drifted farther and farther apart

And while our fingers stayed tangled, tied by sound

We wrote our symphony of dissonance

And some symphonies were meant to be left unplayed.

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