Two Covid-19 PSAs from Steinbrenner Students

Today, the Echo is featuring Public Service Announcements created by two talented Steinbrenner students, Faith Edwards and Anastasia Gerges. Read a little bit about what inspired each of them, and watch both PSAs right here!

Social Distance by Faith Edwards

Staying indoors has actually been pretty tough for me. I wanted to do the PSA as a way to remind myself that people that truly cared for me have put an effort to reach out, and vice versa, during a time that could have otherwise split us apart. So- in a very big way- my friends inspired me to create this. Every message we have sent to each other made me feel happy and warm, especially on days I feel alone. For the animatic, I animated stickmen instead of further detailed drawings for a number of reasons. I wanted to challenge myself to express emotion through just the characters’ eyes and body language, and I wanted to show that animation/drawing is a hobby that anyone can begin during these times- even if it’s not extremely detailed. For the background music, I used a song from Steven Universe- “I Could Never Be Ready”. I don’t think anyone could have been ready for these times, but we’re all trying our best.

See more of Faith’s work on Instagram @fayobu

A PSA for Covid-19 by Anastasia Gerges

When I think of a PSA, my favorites are usually the ones with cartoony characters and witty, somewhat corny humor. So, with that in mind as my favorite type of PSA, I went on from there and picked out two birds that would be the best choice to be featured for the PSA’s message. The pigeon was picked as the main character because pigeons are rarely homebodies, always hanging around big bustling cities and crowded theme parks, so it would make sense for a pigeon to be upset about quarantine. Vultures are often associated with death or the warning of death, so including one warning the pigeon to stay inside fit nicely with what the bird is often portrayed as.

I wanted people to know that even though they’re stuck inside, their time inside doesn’t have to be boring. Doing something you’ve always wanted to do or just haven’t had the time for is a great way to pass the time!

Find more of Anastasia’s work right here.

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