@devantsun takes character design to a new level

by Madeleine James

Reviewing Instagram artist Jack Leist (Senior)


If you enjoy looking at an account full of character sketches, polished and un-polished, then you should follow @devantsun. Jack Leist’s Instagram has 200 posts that highlight different styles across digital and traditional platforms that showcase growth of style and truly beautiful artwork. 

Digital Art – Opposers by Jack Leist

This is one of Leist’s more recent posts, which shows the diversity of their work and the multitude of angles at which they can draw the characters. On the account, you can see different angles of the characters, some full body and others at shoulder level. The characters are well-developed and the artist uses eye-catching shadowing that shows the depth of the drawing and the artist’s skill. 

Pen and paper – Mindless by Jack Leist

This is one of the less polished works that Leist has on their Instagram. The layering within the piece creates depth and the sketch-like-style allows you to see how the piece grew as Leist made it. The movement within the character’s hair and neck makes this one of my favorite pieces. 

Digital Art – Two Bros by Jack Leist

This last piece caught my eye due to the shadowing of the wings against the moon. I love the color, lines, and dots on the moon that create a circular movement which make the characters appear to be falling away from each other. The character art in this piece is a good representation of Jack’s typical style but within a unique color palette and movement, making this one of my personal favorite pieces.

Overall I enjoyed Leist’s work and found it amusing and unique in style. See more of Leist’s works by checking out their Instagram: @devantsun

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