Vivid Violet and Mama’s Farm

Digital Art – Mama’s Farm by Sam Berger




Violet is the hue intertwined in dusk,
A ribbon floating aimlessly in astronomical twilight
It is an Orchid Dotty Back blurring in the ocean,
Taaffeites hiding under Sri Lanka’s skin.

Violet is a chain of legato notes
Sliding smoothly down the string of a violin,
A soulful melody crooned by Debussy;
It is the orchestra demanding attention in an opera.

Violet is the French Beaujolais celebrating a promotion,
Gamay grapes gathering warmth at the chest
Leaving a lingering berry-licious tang in its wake;
It’s a velvet cake caressing the tongue.

Violet is the heady fumes of a passion fruit tree in the garden,
The Rio Samba wafting in the air on a summer day;
It is Snuggle’s soft scent of lavender integrated into warm laundry,
The lingering aroma of Swiffer wafting from freshly cleaned floors.

Violet is the massage chair digging into aching backs,
The fuzzy texture of a quilt hugging you away from the dark;
It is the drowsiness tugging at your eyelids before sleep,
The love that squeezes your heart and softens the eyes.

Violet is the gentle stroke of a paintbrush grazing our lives.

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