Issue 2 – The Tale of Bartholomew the Bee


One storied afternoon – August 26th of 2017, to be exact – Echonians Thais and Lexi were doing some thrifting. As they meandered through aisles of clothes and shoes and purses, their wandering left them faced with a majestic and overwhelming wall of toys. Lexi and Thais immediately knew they wanted to adopt one! Some were cuddly and cute while others were creepy and weird, all things the Echo encompasses. Upon polling the rest of the Echonians, it was decided! The newest member of the family became Bartholomew “Barry” B. Benson, the Emotional Support Bee. Barry is fluffy, gives the best and warmest hugs, and even farts upon occasion. Though his wings are frayed from being pampered in so many baths, he still flies to see all his friends in Tampa, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Boston and more!

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