A Vontacular Adventure Comic

Issue 1 – The Tale of Vona’s Almost Firing

  One storied afternoon, Vona was trekking downtown on The Trusty Steed (his Chevy Cavalier) to do smartsy-fartsy curriculum schtuff for the county when his phone rang. The caller id revealed a bad omen in itself: Ms. King on the line. Calls from the monarch herself were rare legends, and Ms. King called him by […]

Issue 2 – The Tale of Bartholomew the Bee

  One storied afternoon – August 26th of 2017, to be exact – Echonians Thais and Lexi were doing some thrifting. As they meandered through aisles of clothes and shoes and purses, their wandering left them faced with a majestic and overwhelming wall of toys. Lexi and Thais immediately knew they wanted to adopt one! […]

Issue 3 – How to Burn a Witch

  One storied day – August 25th of 2015, to be exact – the Echo met for the first time. Vona wanted the class to pick their own attention-getter that would last until the end of the year. Many ideas bounced around the classroom with little enthusiasm. Then, from behind a wall of brown hair, […]