2020-2021 Staff

The Echo is the Steinbrenner High School literary magazine. The class provides programs such as our biannual magazine, The Echo website, Steinbrenner’s Creative Writing Club, and social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok). Below are the people who make it all happen!


Grace Beilman

Magazine Editor

I love movies and fashion. I believe that avocados are appropriate in any scenario.

Mads James

Community/Ads Manager

I love history and sarcasm. Which to my knowledge both can be inserted into every part of life, writing included.

Amelia Miller

Special Project Editor

Vintage style but not vintage values and forget diamonds, pearls are everyone’s best friend.

Ally O’Connor

Content Manager

I over analyze every movie and piece of writing but if you talk in the movie theatre your popcorn is free reign.

Elke Stelter

Website Editor

I enjoy drawing, frogs, and Halloween.


Emma Bunkley

I like to get lost in the creative aspects of life and I enjoy talking with people who do the same.

Alex Gerges

I love diving head first into fantasy writing and love drawing in my spare time. I am currently working on writing a fantasy genre trilogy about dragons! :^D

Stasi Gerges

Fiction writer/history buff who loves Pokémon, Zelda, and weird animals. Currently working on a Pokémon webcomic called Glowing Eyes and a novel called Dwellers!

Hannah Levy

I’m a math and band nerd, nice to meet you.

“Skinny Dylon” Martin

I like two things: Monkeys.

Sophia McGregor

Aside from writing, I love Broadway and musical theatre!

Jaden Patel

I love music and I play Super Smash Bros competitively!

Natedawg Pray

I love writing bizarre plots, I play football, video games somewhat competitively, and I’m a huge Attack on Titan fan.

Evan Sizemore

I do lots of things sometimes.

Jaeda Solon

Short. Asian. What more is there to say.

Ali Spier

Apart from writing, I also love to bake and have 8 pets: 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a horse!

Kcai Thybulle

I play soccer, fashion is my passion, and I’m a huge music lover!

Mr. Vona


School Teacher by day, cult leader… also by day.

Barry the Bee

I may just be a bee, but I am a bee worshipped by a group of hormonal teenagers.