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Featured piece

White Out by Ally O’Connor

2020-2021 Magazine Featured Piece Thea’s life has always revolved around her business, she’s a “work-aholic” and that has never bothered her. The interior design company. Thea is CEO of takes up all her time, and by the time she walks into her New York penthouse every evening, she eats a quick dinner while finishing up […]

Featured Piece

Memory Lane by Grace Beilman

2020-2021 Magazine Featured Piece 7502 Barry RoadHer fingers tapto the tune of Again by Doris Day. Mimicking the beats,time passing between fragmentsof a life left behind. Their fingers match in round goldStitched together by wear linesof a wartime bond and a forgotten landwhere misplaced souls tend to linger. A blossomed romance in warAn enormous bandage […]