Suddenly by Renee Fleet

A humongous star begins its ascent over the horizon.
Its light pours out from its core, blessing the earth with its tender kiss while disposing of the
luminous darkness that had prevented the day’s progression.
Heat’s glorious wings embrace the thick, cold atmosphere and share its warmth with the world.
Streaks of fluffy white intertwine, turning the sky into a painting.
Fragile leaves dance in the breeze and rest under the generous shade that the skyscrapers of bark
and branches provide.
It seems that perfection, as high as its standards have become, had finally been achieved.


Dark, humid silence engulfs the terrain and devours every remnant of beauty.
Towering blocks of concrete slice through the outside world and latch together with an iron grip,
guarding people within their walls from what lingers on the other side –
including the heat, whose rays are halted at the wall’s edge;
the clouds, which view the scene from above with a look of pure disgust;
the leaves, which work together with the wind to topple the obtrusive monstrosity but end up
falling short,
and the landscape that mother nature crafted herself with her own bare hands.

Unfortunately for those who are locked up inside
they are shielded from the natural realm
by the gloomy modern industrial cave.

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