Birds Eye View By Christina Hale

Wings swept open, cutting through the atmosphere,

In the darkening sky, the world seemed endlessly clear.

Dancing with windswept clouds, not a worry in the world,

As the ginger falcon’s crimson wings are carelessly unfurled.

For a creature seeking freedom from the problems down below,

All the troubles and the worries now the size of specks of snow.

In a world so filled with life, it now seemed comfortingly still,

The warmth of the sun’s embrace scattering the wind’s unearthly chill.

The roaring howl of winds tamed to a simple melody,

Countless hills and valleys cast as far as eyes could see.

Strong strokes of wings, the world falling farther away,

Through gentle winds on which the little bird begins to sway,

Like a mother softly rocking a restless child back to sleep,

Only this lullaby includes echoing chirps and distant peeps.

Colorful clouds like watercolor ran across the sky,

Which illuminated blooming tress slowly passing by.

The sun peaked in the water like a game of hide and seek,

Framing the dark silhouette of distant mountain peaks.

Distant lights of tired households as kids prepared for bed,

Who would never know the peaceful world right above their heads.

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