This Whitewash World of Ours Page 5

Page 5

            We went home shortly after. Mummy held me tight as we walked out. She used to smell of butter chicken, since it was Jasmeet’s favorite food. Now she smells of melancholy tears. I am pretty sure he was the preferred child, but I didn’t mind. Daddy gripped my hand. He used to be full of light and positivity, and his eyes shone with two sparkles. He lost one sparkle on December, 16, 2016. Today, January 1, 2017, I testified as a witness to a Grand Jury. It was a quiet ride home.

          A few days later, I went to Joffrey’s Fun Funnel Cakes. I found myself there often. I went and sat down on the rocks where I saw my brother die. I sat next to the rock covered with flowers and a picture of Jasmeet. As the sun hit the horizon, the world dimmed. The 9/11 memorial lights turned on.

         I remembered what Jasmeet said. “It’s funny what hate can make you do.” The words echoed through my ears as I rolled my neck. I heard my phone buzz. I checked to see who texted me. Mummy had texted. ‘Beta, the jury didn’t indict.’ I stared down at it for a while. I got up and went up to Mr. Joffrey. He smiled and my heart warmed up a little. Without me asking, he handed me a Nutella­drowned funnel cake and gave me a hug.

        “I’m so sorry sweetie, I guess we couldn’t bring him justice.” Mr. Joffrey’s warm hug was comforting.

        “I guess we couldn’t.” I replied calmly as I hugged him back. I took the Jasmeet Justice funnel cake and went back to the rocks. The wind blew in my face as the sky turned purple, pink and orange. I ate the funnel cake slowly, but with a smile. Once I was done, I threw the plate away and pulled out Jasmeet’s baby blanket. He wouldn’t let it go when he was a kid or when he was fifteen. He wouldn’t go to sleep without it. I looked at the word ‘Jasmeet’ engraved on the blanket in Kashmiri wool and smiled. I moved some of the flowers aside on the rock and saw a prominent blood stain covering more than half the rock. I touched it gently and put my head to it and laid down. I put the blanket above me and watched the sun set and the Hudson calm down. I then looked up to the sky and saw the first star. A single tear fell from my eyes.

       “Oh Jasmeet, how it is funny what hate can make you do. Especially in this whitewashed world of ours.” I adjusted myself, and fell asleep. 

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