This Whitewash World of Ours Page 2

Page 2

             About a month had passed by when I began to notice Jasmeet’s stress. He was so panicked about finals and on top of that he was scared of the world falling in on him. The day school ended, Jasmeet told me about a party all his friends were going to. “Um, Didi? There is this party that all my friends are going to in Queens, I­I know Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t want me to go but I have never been to a high school party before, and I thought why not.” I looked at his cute little blue turban that he nervously messed with.

“Okay, I will take you. I told Mummy that we wouldn’t be home until 11 anyway. ” His eyes lit up like never before and he smiled ear to ear. “Not a single word about this ok?” He shook his head in agreement.

“Thank you Didi! Thank you!” I knew it was a big deal to him, I mean it was his first high school party! So with the money I got from busing tables, I took him to Target to get him some cute jeans, a shirt and cologne. We were there for two hours­ but it wasn’t a pleasant visit.

One of the store’s workers asked us to leave because we were threatening them. After half an hour of arguing, the store’s manager came and apologized and let us have the things for a discount. Even though Jasmeet got what he wanted, I could see that his heart was in pain. The thin sheet of water lined his eyes yet again, and I knew this look far too well. I was so mad at that worker, I just wanted to scream at her. I turned around as we were walking out and caught a glimpse of button pinned to her pant. Make Donald Drumpf Again. I sighed and continued walking. We reached the party at eight o’clock. The music form inside overtook Jasmeet’s look of dismay. His legs began to tremble up and down from excitement and he opened the door. “Hey kiddo, listen here, I will be back at 10 pm sharp and then we gotta leave. Don’t do drugs, drink, or get anyone pregnant, you hear me? If you need anything just call me, ok?” He smiled gently.

“Will do Didi! Bye!” Like that, he ran into the house. While he was at the party, I decided to go to the library and just catch up on some reading. I was going to become an attorney and was going to NYU in the coming fall. I skimmed over my amendment study book I had received at school. I was reading when at about 8:45, I got a call from Jasmeet. He said he wanted me to pick him up, so I went to go and pick him up. He got in the car with a shocked expression. I couldn’t help but laugh. His frazzled expression told me exactly what happened.

“It was a girl wasn’t it?” He looked at me in surprise. “I swear Jasmeet, you still are afraid of cooties.” He looked awkwardly at the floor, playing with his fingers.

“I’m sorry it was scary!”

“I know, don’t worry. Screw whoever it was.” He shifted his gaze to the sky. I noticed the thin sheet grow thicker in his eyes until one exploded. “Jasmeet, what’s wrong?”

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