The Devil’s Mute by Julia Peralta (Page 5)


Jumps in shock from the sudden noise.

Margaret come from the kitchen and runs

into the room. Taking a second to look at the

situation, Margaret kneels down to Quinn.


(checking Quinn)

Are you okay? Did you get hurt?


He shakes his head.


Thank God… We don’t need another tragedy in this house…

She looks at Abbigail and fights back the

swelling tears.

(standing up)

She opens the wardrobe and looks inside,

moving around the clothes.

Well there isn’t any rodents in here.

She looks over to Quinn.

Do you have an idea of what happened?


He shakes his head.


(sighs and closing the wardrobe’s doors)

Be careful when getting your clothes then. I’ll talk with your father about getting a new

wardrobe if it topples over once more. He should be here soon; be a dear and go outside to get

some wood for the fireplace before he arrives from work.




Ruffles Quinn’s hair and walks out, exiting

to the Kitchen.


Watch Margaret leave then looked back at

the wardrobe. Looking at the hand used to

shake The Devil’s, he turns towards

Abbigail and lets out a sigh. He walks out of

the room, heading towards the kitchen

before stopping by the dining room table.

Slowly approaching the Bible, he picks it up

and looks through it before looking over

towards the fireplace.

He begins to walk towards the fireplace,

going down onto his knees and stares inside

with hesitation. Looking down at the Bible,

he grips it tightly before tossing it in. He sits

there for a moment to take in what just

happened before bringing his knees up to his

chest, holding them tightly. He rests his

head on his knees and stares into the fire.


(from the kitchen)

Quinn! When you’re finished bringing the wood to the fireplace, come help set the table!


Quinn lets out a huff and exits to the



Page 5

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