The Devil’s Mute by Julia Peralta (Page 4)


Appears out from the painting and crawls

onto the floor before rising up and towering

behind Quinn.

Going somewhere?


Whips around towards The Devil, backing

up slowly.


Makes one of the dining room chairs move it

right behind Quinn, flicking his hand and

forcing Quinn to sit down.

Ah, ah, ah! I’m not done with you just yet.

Grabs onto the back of the chair and turns it

towards the audience, pushing it to Up Stage


Aw… Why so scared? Did your parents teach you “the lord’s ways” to make sure the demons

and devils didn’t corrupt your small and fragile mind? But look where you are now, sitting right

next to Satan himself. All those silly prayers can’t save you and I think you know why…


Points to his neck and taps it.


Precisely! Such a curse, isn’t it? Unable to ask for help, unable to tell your family you love them,

and unable to repeat the words in the book you all live by– The Bible. Such a fine work of

literature, isn’t it? All these events that hold moral advice. But every single one of these stories,

some important figure has done wrong. Makes you wonder if they are worth believing and

following. Have you ever had any… speculations about the text in that book?


Pauses, then shakes his head.


Such an ignorant child. You believe all that is shown to you without questioning their words.

They are the weak-minded puppets, following the text in the book that was made by the

followers themselves to shine their idols to make them look perfect. God isn’t perfect, Jesus isn’t

perfect, Noah isn’t perfect, they’re all judgmental and ideal driven assholes! Think for a moment,

Quinn… Think and realize that He picks and chooses who will and won’t go to heaven, just like

picking livestock to go straight to the slaughter.


Stares at the ground, he looks back up at The

Devil and gets out of the chair. He walks to

the door that leads to the children’s room

and points to it.


Looks at Quinn, then at the door, opening it

and walking inside with Quinn following

behind. The Devil looks at Abbigail and

kneels down to her.

Ah yes, your sister. Such a pretty girl caught up in such chaos, doesn’t even know what’s

occurring around her…


Walks over and notices her not breathing, he

begins to panic and make a run for the door.


Restrains Quinn. Quinn claps and stomps to

try to get someone’s attention.

Now wait just a minute, she’s alive! The flow of time is at a halt for us to converse without

interruptions, so cease.


Stops flailing and huffs. He looks back at his

sister with a solemn expression.


You care for her a lot, don’t you?


Looks up at The Devil and nods.



Maybe we come to an agreement … If you assist me with my little problem, I’ll release your

sister from her slumber. Sound like a deal?

The Devil puts his hand out.


Quinn looks at The Devil’s hand for a

moment before reluctantly shaking it and

looking up at him.


The Devil lets out a manacle laugh and

springs up onto his feet.


He prances to the wardrobe and opens the


We’ll be in touch soon, my little puppet!

He climbs into the wardrobe and slams the

doors shut, lights and fog seeping from the

doors before the wardrobe falls onto the


Page 4                                                                                                                                                                         Page 6

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