The Devil’s Mute by Julia Peralta (Page 1)

Cast of Characters

QUINN VIXON, a 6-year old mute child and the son of Margaret and Lewis Vixon.

MARGARET VIXON, an adult housewife, mother of Quinn and Abbigail, wife of Lewis Vixon.

ABBIGAIL VIXON, an 11-year old, daughter of Margaret and Lewis Vixon.

REVEREND MICHAEL, a young man, works as a reverend in the state’s clergy.

THE DEVIL, overlord of hell.


The play takes place in a two bedroom house in Whiterfield, a small town in Connecticut, in the year 1701.


The house is laid out where a wall is horizontally placed between the Center stages and the Up

stages. The front door is Center Stage Right, facing the audience. The Master Bedroom is Center

Stage left and the Children’s Bedroom is Center Stage. There is a hallway between both

bedrooms and a large painting hangs on the end of the hallway. The Dining Room would be

Down Stage Right, with the Kitchen being Up Offstage Right. In the Children’s Room, a

wardrobe will be places against the wall. The Living Room is Down Stage Left with a fireplace

connected to Up Offstage Left, having room for the Fire Demons to reach their arms out.

Page 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 3

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