Attention by Elke Stelter

So, I’m looking at someone dead on

And I know they’re asking me a question,

But I don’t hear a word out of their mouth

Because all of a sudden, my brain decides

It would rather think about if cats had human legs;

How their big, meaty man feet

would scuttle across the floor and knead on a pillow.

I’m sitting in front of a computer,

Trying with every ounce of my being to put my essay,

Due tomorrow, into words. And all I do is spend an hour

Typing every line I could possibly remember

From the Bee Movie script.

Yellow, black. Yellow, black.

I’m taking a test, and I can’t seem to finish

Because I start to wonder

‘What would it be like if the function

Of every hole on our faces was switched?’

Lazy and unmotivated.

That was the simple answer I was always given,

For marrying a pencil sharpener during class,

For throwing a skeleton off the roof

When I was supposed to be cleaning.

For lighting a fidget spinner on fire

And severely burning my hand

While I was doing homework.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me,

I went on medication

Just to numb the buzzing in my head.

People think that it’s all just a sudden urge to

See how many cheetos I can stuff in my pocket,

Or dissect whether or not Tony the Tiger is gay.

But ADHD is more than just the fun places my mind goes.

It’s the places it can’t get to.

The passions I can’t find the patience to pursue.

The plans I miss just because I forgot.

The assignments I can’t force myself to focus on.

The life I miss out on while my mind is somewhere else.

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