Sophomore Year by Francesca Forese

Sophomore Year

    As our 2017 through 2018 school year comes to a close, it opens up a new perspective. We remember ourselves walking into our classes for the first time in August. We see friends for the first time since May. We run up asking “how was your summer?” When the only time we talked was over likes, retweets, and the horrid “streaks.” I look back and realize that those people are long gone and irrelevant. Each month has such and impact on me but will be forgotten by the next year. But now, I remember it all so vividly.

August: School started, I felt refreshed, renewed, and excited all at once. I had a new back pack, new supplies, tanned skin, and new kicks. I thought I was ready to take on sophomore.

September: Irma struck Florida and gave us over a week off. I spent it all with two boys and Samantha. They introduced me to a friend, we’ll call her Julia, entered my life.

October: Halloween came around, I had my first school night sleepover with Erika. We spent the whole night in Heritage Harbor with half of our school. And of course, Julia was there. She kind of upset Erika.

November: Thanksgiving break came along and I spent it with Julia. We made a new friend, Amy. She was really fun, something told me Amy would be long-term.

December: The year was quickly ending so Amy, Erika, Julia, and I decided to celebrate. We partied hard and made new memories.

January: The second quarter started. I made new goals for myself and re-set my priorities. A grown up decision for once.

February: Me, Julia, and Amy starting hanging out every day. This month I also did a little self-shopping and added more to my wardrobe.

March: Spring break brought my family and Julia to Aruba. We spent the week tanning, swimming, and partying. A little summer tease.

April: I gave up on school and went straight towards laziness. I slept, ate, or was with friends every minute of the day. I lost sight of my priorities and failed myself.

May: The present. I turned 16, got my license, and it was almost summer. I’m writing this essay to turn in for a grade. I pictured this about a month ago. When I first picked up my pencil, I planned to write about all the ups and downs that this year has brought me. Somehow, as I wrote, I could only remember the good crazy concept time is.

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