Cupspoodles Art Account Review

IG | @Cupspoodles

Review by: Gianna DeMalteris

The broad spectrum of art has proven to be one of the widest in variety, ranging from simple stick figure comics, to surreal images captured in the most intense of environments. The 16-year-old writer, song creator, and artist, Heather Sison or otherwise known as Cupspoodles on instagram, originally made her debut as an artist on the social platform on February 4th, 2017, her first sketch with only 772 likes. However, now any of the pictures that she post gets at least 29k likes along with the whopping 107K followers on her account. The young artist moved around from theme to theme throughout the years, and all the while, catching the attention of and giving inspiration to other artist that follow her. To express feeling in her images, she sticks to a specific color scheme in each theme.

After making small doodles every now and then, mainly using musicals or shows for reference, Cupspoodles eventually came up with her first ‘theme’ (which will be a recurring idea in the future) named “Guide to Survival”. This theme didn’t have as many pictures telling the original story, but did present the idea of an almost post apocalyptic world, featuring young teenagers as the main protagonist, and having them wield bats, shovels, and golf clubs. The first picture introducing the story came with the caption “My chemistry teacher told us right before we started our lesson on Chemical Reactions, ‘Expect the Unexpected’. But I couldn’t be bothered-chemistry isn’t something I could use in my future Ho. But when the apocalypse began, I would remember those three words. She was right. ‘Expect the unexpected’”. Introducing the background and story. Around this time she also made small comics that included her and her boyfriend into the story, and by doing this, showing how much they depended on each other.

After her first theme, Spoon moved onto the second biggest theme she has had yet, The Princess Club. The Princess Club mainly focused on self love, and allowed anyone to be their own kick butt princess. While Spoon only had a few pictures on her account, the theme blew up throughout Instagram. Art accounts from everywhere we’re making their own characters in a story for the Princess Club. Due to this, Spoon’s popularity exploded and called attention to her works from earlier on. If you were to look up the tag @theprincessclub_au you could find more than 500 post from a different artist creating from Spoons’ universe, those being, only the tagged ones, there are more throughout the app without the tag.

While riding the wave from The Princess Club, Spoon started her next theme. While the theme didn’t have a special name, it did follow a strict color scheme, that being primary colors. Her pictures showed full body pieces with red, yellow, or blue backgrounds.
While a strict message is hard to determine due to its absence of a storyline, each picture does include short messages that are aesthetically pleasing.. One photo includes “No one is you, and that’s your power.” While another says “I’m ‘Y.O.L.O.’ but with caution.”

She quickly moved onto her next project she would call LO2T. This story was based around once again a group of teenagers; however, instead of a post apocalyptic world, they live in a regular society. The only catch is the drama that connects the group, let it be from gender identity, sexuality, or *gasp* young love. And although these are usually seen as a regular thing to talk about in high school stories, Spoon makes it more interesting by showing the feelings and connections behind every character. Using soft moonlight pastels, that leaves a bittersweet taste, Spoon incorporates the struggles and emotions of everyone of her characters as they deal with their mind spinning struggles.

Her most recent and famous theme goes by the title, How To Get Rid Of The Cat Head. The story is kind of self explanatory due to its title, the main character, (Spoon) has what’s called a Cat Head (a cat mask) that is irremovable and has a special significance. While the story’s main character revolves around Spoon, there are also others in the story with different animal head of their own. Each animal head represents certain aspects or characteristics of each character, however, there’s a catch, each head represents toxic feelings or emotions that affect each character. The theme has spread over Instagram faster than any other and everyone is seeing it as much more than just a comic. These pieces give meaning behind the character, so unlike other stories where just the protagonist can see their own problems, you can too.

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