Writing Prompts by Rachel Capote and Cassidy Hale

Well, it has happened again, our old enemy Writers Block is back, and stronger than ever. The inspiration is being sucked out of our brains and we need to find something new to spice up our creative juices. Instead of sitting there, trying to milk our brains for a new idea, ultimately ending up with nothing, enjoy a cheat sheet of sentences that could spark your next work of art. So maybe you’re looking for a prompt to sink your teeth into that’ll start out your thrilling romance novel about a super cool vampire couple, or maybe a riveting adventure that’ll kick start your script for a treasure hunt movie. Either way you’re sure to find something in our list of wonders down below.

● You’re trapped in the woods and hear a rustling noise from above
● You wake up in a white room with no recollection of the night before
● The police knock on your door, they go in with a warrant to search for something you
never want to be found
● Dialogue between you and a historical figure
● Write about a dream you had the previous night

● Randomly open to a page in a book. Write based off of the first sentence on that page
● Write about your experience with the weirdest teacher you’ve ever had
● Your pet randomly starts talking one day. Write about your reaction
● Put your phone on shuffle. Write about the first couple lyrics of the first song that plays
● If you lived in the dinosaur age, write about what your daily routine would be

● Write about what your view as a star would be up in space
● Write about the happiest you’ve ever been
● Write about a twist in a classic fairy tale

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