@Tony_gum Art Account Review by Sanika Kende

IG | @tony_gum

* This page or account may have profane content. The Echo and Steinbrenner High School may not support all of these views or images.

Instagram is home to a variety of different types of art and has become a leading source in viewing the work of versatile artists around the world. One such artist is Cape-Town based Tony Gum; a 23- year-old South African woman. An astounding following of 47.2 thousand is evident of Gum’s popularity.

In a world where the limelight is mostly focused on people with lighter skin, Gum’s people of color-centric art is simply refreshing. Gum uses photography to depict the lives of African people and display their heritage in creative ways. Her photos offer a variety of color schemes, from bright solid hues to somber, dark tones. Granted, even the monochrome photos manage to display an array of emotions and feelings. A reoccurring theme in her work is women and their power. Her photos show the female body as a symbol of strength and courage, refusing to sexualize it in the way the world around us is used to doing.

Gum also plays around with color; many of her pieces include bold pops of yellow and orange that breathe life and vibrancy into her photos. The color contrast in many of her photos give off a playful vibe and do an effective job of accentuating certain aspects of the piece, such as her bright red outfit against a shiny, black couch. The photo below is a perfect example of all the defining qualities of Gum’s photography. The subject matter is an African woman carrying her child; the image is a symbol of strength and womanhood. The lively yellow-orange background is an excellent contrast to the sepia-like tones of the photo. Images like these reflect Gum’s rich culture and offer different perspectives on the lives of women. If in search of an interesting take on African culture and more representation of women through unique photos, @tony_gum is the account to check out.

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