Three Dark Crowns Book Review by Veronica DaSilva


Growing up as someone that always found our reality a bit dull, it was no surprise that i had been intrigued by Three Dark Crowns. Just the cover itself, with a dark background and three crowns each with its own different decoration, is enough to draw big readers in. Kendare Blake truly succeeded in creating such a story full of dark magic strong enough to tear apart a sister’s bond. If you’re a lover of a fantasy, magic, and of new realms to explore (or just a book person in general), then this book is one you should definitely give a try.

Blake introuces the story with three sisters, who live in the spellbound kingdom of Fennbirn, a queen ruled monarchy, seperating its people by their powers. The first sister is Katharine, a strong poisoner that underestimates her powers; she can consume large amounts of poisons and survive. latharine has a gift of brewing poisons not only for her practice, but to use on others, as well. Then there’s Mirabell, an elemental. She’s able to control the elements with just a snap of her fingers. She’s a natural born leader, and is the preferred one out of the three sisters by the citizens of Fennbirn. Finally, is Arsinoe, a naturalists. She’s quite behinf on her powers- due to not having a real team and trainer, just her friends- but she practices her ability to be able to control natures’s life (such as plants and animals). Arsinoe is seen as an outcast since she’s basically isolated in her own little town copared to her other sisters, and she has still not fully figured out her powers.

These three sisters, daughters of the late queen of Fennbirn, were seperated during their early childhood. The laws of Fennbirn stated in order to determine their next queen, these sisters would be raised by a mentor who possess the same powers as them, and train to their full potential. Once they all turn sixteen, the sisters would be reunited… to fight to the death. The last one alive would then be crowned the new queen. Along the way, each of the three encounter some new obstacle that could determine if they are able to make it until the end. Katharine’s not sure the kingdom’s really on her side. Mirabella has incoming issues with Arinsoe’s side of her life. And Arinoe herself has no idea who to put her faith in.

Blake delivers the seemingly straightforward story in such a complex way with each of the sisters’ point of views, it makes the reader feel so many things at once. This book is full of everything for different types of readers. It’s got its story filled action. Light-hearted, sisterhood filled moments, surprisingly, is not something this story lacks. Blake even included some romance into the plot, adding some trouble to the characters. Three Dark Crowns has a little bit of something for everyone. You’ll love some characters; others you’ll absolutely despise. Some you’ll learn to hate then love. And sadly, with others, it will be the opposite way. There are plot twists when you least expect them, and character development for those you’ve been rooting for. There’s a variety of characters, and a variety of fantastical elements. The more you read, the more interesting Fennbirn becomes, as well as the characters.

The ending will leave the reader yearning for more, but lucky for us, a sequel ha been released, and its story is filled with the enchantment of the first story, plus more. But Three Dark Crowns itself is beautiful and complex, and a must read.

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