@TheDazeArt Account Review by Kayla Wittyngham

Artist- Daisy Robles

IG | @thedazeart

Medium- Mixed Media and Digital Art

Daisy Robles’ account, “thedazedart”, takes the norm, warps it, adds a kaleidoscope of a color scheme, and lets the chaos unfold.

Every work uniquely inspired and created, Robles utilizes everything from photographs, sheet music, and large sections of text to pompoms, colored yarn, and burlap for materials for her art. As for her mode of transportation for those materials, this artist builds sculpture, raised canvases, and collage prints to deliver her ideas, which often seem more fantastical then any human could ever seem to imagine.

It was incredible to see the way this artist thought to pair collage images. When thinking about a collage, it is easy to think of the silly ones eighth grade art teachers around the nation have their students create, but Robles masterfully takes the conventional collage to a new level. With a combination of digital skill and an eye for details, Robles pairs up two 50’s teens looking out over a carpet cliff to see a nebula layered in blues and purples. The “Letters from Home” series features maps of war zone areas tied in with colored embroidery thread to simulate gun shots or rays of sunshine.

Robles also pairs her pieces with music in video presentations or uses animation to add a curious quality to digitally rendered images. Her pieces have a very otherworldly, surrealist feeling and draw in the audience to bring their own experiences and perspectives to what they are looking at. There’s a bit of classicism within the modernism that departs from the straightforward portraits and landscapes many are so used to. It is bizarrely beautiful, a perfect mess of flowers and butterflies motifs overlapping gold background and typography compilations. Robles expertly strings together elements that should not belong together, enrapturing her audience in her own Wonderland, a place where squids and galaxies and gardens live together in madness and harmony.

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