Writing Playlist by Jack Leist

When I’m writing, I like to listen to a lot of gentle instrumental with a lot of low beat, or ambient noise. Songs with lyrics tend to distract me, for example: I end up singing along and totally forget to write. Two years ago, I found this really useful website called hipstersound.com which lets you customize ambient noise. Of course, there’s also a premium aspect to it, but you don’t have to pay for the public demos . It works with a main track; for example, one of the demo tracks is “Gentle Hum of a Quiet Restaurant,” which stimulates a peaceful dining experience, as the title suggest. There’s some conversation in the background, with the occasional clink of dishes, and other various noises to contribute to the atmosphere. There are several effects on the sidebar which you can switch on and off, my favorite is the “Piano Bar” which is on a different public demo track. The playlist itself doesn’t necessarily have to be on; if hearing background conversations isn’t your thing, (it’s not mine), you can always switch off the track and use only the effects instead, like “Piano Bar”, which is just gentle background piano. I’ve used this site quite often, and you don’t have to make an account if you don’t want to. If I’m not using that site, though, (or listening to Lofi Hiphop Radio), a casual mix found on YouTube, I listen to my playlist. Here it is!
Soulful- L’indécis
oracle night- HM Surf
First Wonder- j’san. x Cloudchord
flashes of calm- mommy x delayde
Who We Want To Be- Tom Day
Kyoto – Jellis & Subsets
sekao – delayde
Lift- Vincent DiFrancesco
Bleach- Anatu
Cosmos- Hazy
Future Holds- Tom Day
3UO- Ruck P
Skyfall – Soulfy
Passage- L’indécis
Eyes Closed- Vexento
Staying- Koda
Time – Hans Zimmer
Your Favorite Place – Joey Pecoraro
the girl i haven’t met- kudasai
Nuvole Bianche- Ludovico Einaudi
Going Home- Tom Day
when i see you- kudasai
Airstream- Electra
A Town With An Ocean View (Piano) – Joe Hisaishi
All I See – Stefan Grossmann

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