Panic! At the Disco- Music Review

Music Review: Pray for the Wicked by Panic at the Disco


Panic! At the Disco is no stranger to changing up their sound. Since their creation in 2004, Panic has ventured through edgy emo and danced their way through sultry Sinatra. So it’s no surprise to hear them melding their styles with the first two singles of Pray for the Wicked.

Set to release June 22, 2018, Pray for the Wicked is the 5th full-length studio album to come from the group. As of the time of writing, there have only been two songs released: “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” and F*** A (Silver Lining).


The first of the two, “Say Amen”, is very reminiscent of the profile built with their last album, Death of a Bachelor. Utilizing brass to create grandeur and a strong snare roll, you would almost assume that this was a continuation of that same sound story, but their use of EDM-esque background vocals. Brendon Urie, the lead vocalist, pays homage to his famous falsetto adding a particularly high run to the end. Urie, who ad-libbed the impressive note onto the track, stated “I don’t know why I do that to myself. I was like, ‘Goddammit. Now I gotta keep it, ‘cause I like it.’ And now I have to do that nightly on tour.” You can see this note live when Urie takes the stage in Tampa, FL August 1st.

The second song we have off the album, “Silver Lining”, brings back the old Hollywood feel of Sinatra in the intro string section. The strings ease you gently into a fast-paced punch that is sure to leave your car stereo shaking. This song is a feel-good bop that leaves you looking for the silver lining in every situation, even if you have to put your own “cherry on top”. This song is destined to get stuck in your head whether you like it or not.

Fans were eager to point out the possible ties between this new music and the building narrative Panic! At the Disco has built from their latest albums. Noting that the kick drum heartbeat sounds from “This is Gospel” feature at the end of “Say Amen”. Though there has been no confirmation from the band, it appears as thought -when listened to in succession-“Say Amen”, “This is Gospel”, and “Emperor’s New Clothes” transition seamlessly into one another.

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