Writing Prompts by Thais Jacomassi 

-Write a story beginning with: “Last night the sun didn’t set. It fell.”

-Write a story in which the human race lives in a glass dome with no entrance or exit, which protects them from the wasteland outside. One morning a dusty handprint appears on the outside.

-Write a story where the earth is actually an insane asylum for the universe.

-Write a story in which every living person is assigned 10 ghosts to watch over them.

-There is a prison where there are no guards, yet the prisoners are afraid to try and escape.

-Use the first line of a nursery rhyme as the first line of a dark narrative.


A list of writing prompts for when inspiration is needed.

Brought to you by Kayla Wittyngham

  •        You live in a world where your soulmate is unable to hurt you, intentionally or otherwise. You are fighting in a war when one of your enemy’s knives harmlessly bounces off you.
  •        Start a story with this quote: “If you ignore the green skin, warty nose, and stringy black hair, she doesn’t look very witchy to me.”
  •        Tell the story of how an assassin saves someone’s life.
  •        The zombie apocalypse has begun and you and your best friend are the only uninfected people left in your town. How do you escape?
  •        You come home from school one day to find your house has been ransacked. Your mom is happily cooking dinner in the kitchen, unaware that anything is wrong.
  •        Tell the story of how a cowboy and samurai end up in a medieval joust.
  •        An alien has just landed on Earth. You are the first person they see, and they assume you are the planet’s leader but you’re in fact just an everyday accountant.
  •        In this universe, mirrors are gateways to fantastic worlds. Your parents have always kept one in the attic that you’ve never been allowed to go through. They’re out at a party tonight, so you decide to see what is at the other end of their forbidden portal.
  •        Start a story with this quote “The prophecy was written in Sharpie on a gas station bathroom wall.”
  •        Tell the story of a fire breathing dragon and a very dainty princess who become best friends.


Brought to you by Hailey Plumb and Sammi Sanchez

  • The people of Earth have found that aliens do exist and have taken them onto Earth. They are now slaves to our every whim.
  • You wake up from a life you’ve been living, to find that you’re in a different body with a different family.
  • Children with a birth mark on their ear are to be held to a higher power and worshiped by all.
  • Overly optimistic people are terminated and found a threat to society, scared that their creativity will convert the natural orders. One manages to go under the eyes of the government.
  • You’ve just pulled into your driveway to find that your child has accidentally summoned a demon with sidewalk chalk and play toys.
  • One day, scrolling through Instagram, you decide to go to the explore page, upon doing so, you discover an account obsessed with you, with posts including everything you’ve been doing until a few hours ago.
  • A superhero fights evil by wiping memories of both the villain and everyone who knew of them so that they can be reintroduced into society safely. Today, as you were combing through old newspapers, you discover that you were once the world’s most powerful super villain.
  • People have the number of years until they meet their soulmate written on their wrist. You don’t understand why yours says 536 years, until you become a vampire. Now you just have one goal: survive long enough to meet your soulmate.

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