Danielle Sturgill: Creator of the Month

Art Forms- Painting, Sketching, Photography

Grade- 12th 

Written by: Angelica Reyes

The Echo: When did you start getting into art?    

Danielle S.: I always enjoyed drawing growing up. I started out with drawing horses when I was really young, but I didn’t get into art until around freshman year. That’s when I started posting on social media and I realized that a lot of people enjoyed my art which inspired me to continue to post and make more art.dba466b7-b2a0-4c5d-87b6-0784e9ae278c

TE: Have you taken any art classes?

DS: I took one in sixth grade when we had to try out each elective for a week or so, but I didn’t take any classes outside of that. I’m mostly a self-taught artist, I used YouTube to watch time lapses of other artists to get an idea of technique, but it took a lot of trial and error to get to where I am now.

TE: Do you have any artistic inspirations?

DS: I don’t look at too many artists for inspirations, but Picasso and Dali are artists who I love because their work reflected their mind and who they were. I mostly get inspired by movies like Star Wars and Blade Runner. I also get inspirations from music. Sometimes I’ll be listening to an album and start sketching or painting. I tend to bring a sketchbook or notebook with me all the time just in case I get inspired by something I see and want to sketch it out.


TE: Is there a certain style you find yourself gravitating more towards?

DS: The style that most people associate with me is the continuous line drawings, but my favorite medium is oil because of luminous the paint looks and how well it layers.

TE: Do you have any favorite mediums?

DS: Oil paints are my favorite since it’s so forgiving, so if I mess up I can hide it easily. Watercolor is definitely my second favorite. When it comes to sketching, I enjoy pen sketches rather than graphite. I mostly save acrylic painting for my abstract art and now I’m currently getting into photography.

TE: What’s the creative process?

DS: I can only work when I’m inspired otherwise my work doesn’t end up as good as I want it too. Whenever I do work though, I can work for 7 hours straight with oil paints especially since the layering process is so articulate and extended. On the days that I’m stuck I’ll do an abstract painting with acrylics to get myself in the zone.


TE: How long does it take you to finish a piece?

DS: Usually two and a half weeks. The current piece I’m working on has probably taken the longest and will probably take around a month to finish (see right). Watercolors take me around the hour since the paint dries so fast.

TE: What other art forms do you do?

DS: I’m really into poetry and it began freshman year during the poetry unit.  After attending Poetry Jam, I talked to the guest speaker and am currently attending the Heard Em Say workshops that he does. I’ve performed some of my pieces at Echo’s Poetry Café and with Heard Em Say at the Blind Tiger.

TE: What are your plans for the future?

DS: I plan on studying equine sciences at Morhead University in Kentucky where I will have a media internship where I will be taking pictures for a thoroughbred racing barn. I like to incorporate my art as well, for example, I have painted pictures I’ve taken at the Tampa Bay Downs and track down the owners of the horses and given them my paintings and the joy they get is so rewarding so I will most likely be doing that in Kentucky as well.

Dani performing at Poetry Cafe

TE: Where can people find your art?

DS: I have an art thread on my Twitter account and I have my own website where I post my pictures and some art pieces (all are linked below)

Going into this interview, I only knew Danielle as a performer at Poetry Café and a featured artist in the magazine.  Getting to speak with her and see her in action allowed me to see the passionate artist that she is. Dani is definitely multi-talented with her art and she’s a horseback rider! The more I spoke with her the more I was able to unravel her deep love for all the things she’s passionate about and seeing the excitement she has for the future is very endearing and admirable.  Seeing how giving and compassionate she shows well she works with others and I have no doubt she will be successful in her field and whatever artistic endeavors pursues.  

                          All photos taken by Lexi Velte



Danielle’s Art:

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