Brand New Writing Playlist!

Sometimes, getting down the right words or statements in a piece can be a bit frustrating. Additionally, sitting around waiting for the right feeling to come to you can be annoying. Thankfully, writer’s block has a simple remedy that can be solved with the click of a button. The right music can put you in the perfect mood to pour out your creativity on paper. This Spotify playlist consists of instrumental songs from various movies that help get the creative juices flowing around in your head. I usually find instrumental songs easier to write to, as there are no lyrics to catch my attention, and abrupt noises to distract me from my story. The songs on the playlist appeal to the fiction, and poetic side of writing, as they tend to either have a soft melody, or a heroic tune that makes you want to embark on a new adventure. What better place to have that adventure than in the paper sitting in front of you? There are about 850 songs on the playlist, which I don’t see as a problem, as it allows diversity throughout, and keeps me from hearing the same songs over and over again every time I listen. A few favorites that I found when I was listening included Brideshead Revisited: Always Summer, The Fellowship Reunite, and Walk, by Ludovico Einaudi, or, my personal favorite, Married Life by Michael Giacchino, which is sadly, from the opening scene in Up. Yes, that scene. However sad the scene may be, the music still has a lighthearted tone to it that can fill you with warmth whenever you hear the soft piano, which could be perfect help with a scene of bliss. So, the next time you’re in a slump and don’t know what to write, just slip on some headphones and listen to the music to help you get your mind out of the dark.  – Gianna Demalteris


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