Art Account Review by Lexi Velte

IG | @jessie_tries_art

* This page or account may have profane content. The Echo and Steinbrenner High School may not support all of these views or images.

Perusing through Jessica Herz’s Instagram art account, @jessie_tries_art, I find myself spending a lot more time than the couple of minutes I had planned to spend scrolling through her artwork. I very quickly get sucked into the bubblegum-colored digital paintings, the mysterious conceptual pieces, and the detailed black and white sketches. 10, 15, 20 minutes have passed, and I’m still scrolling. There’s just so much talent! Jessie is a 17-year-old girl here at Steinbrenner High School, and she’s a jack of all trades in the art world. Her art account claims to be “digital and traditional doodles,” but what you see is so much more. She has a little bit of everything; including watercolor paintings, digital artwork, pencil sketches, self-portraits, and fan art, just to name a few, and every single piece is incredible.

Jessie has over 3000 followers on Instagram, and her youtube channel “Jess Herz” has over 48,000 followers. So if my word alone isn’t enough, I think these numbers are pretty convincing evidence that her account is at least worth a quick glance. And I’m sure that once you get there, you’ll end up staying for a while, just like I did.

Check out some of her art!:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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