COCO Movie Review by Natalie Mannino

 Pixar has done it again! No movie that goes out with Pixar’s name on it fails to amaze its audience. Coco is no different. Rich in culture, this visual masterpiece is worth the trip to the big screen. The beautiful colors and intricate designs are what made this movie stand out.

Coco follows Miguel and his family who are shoemakers and the town knows their good service. The business picked after a tragic separation many years ago. The family’s father leaves to pursue music, leaving the mom outraged at the selfishness. She swears of music in her family forever and now makes shoes. As the family tree grew, music stayed forbidden.

 Until Miguel, a 12-year-old boy within the family falls instantly in love with music. He travels to the town’s plaza to listen to Mariachi bands play. Miguel drums across every surface and feels the rhythm in his blood. He idolizes Ernesto de la Cruz, a local superstar. Miguel dreams of playing like him. Unfortunately, nothing is a secret and his family finds out about his love for music all on the day before Dia de Los Muertos. A series of events unravel, landing him in the Land of the Dead, surrounded by Skelton’s. The rest of the film is spent watching the protagonist try to escape.

The way Pixar has interpreted the Land of the Dead is breathtaking. Staying true to the lore and the history while putting its own Pixar signature, it is quite the sight. The visuals are bursts of oranges, blues, reds, whites and many more, Pixar creates a feeling of nostalgia while providing a heart-warming story.

One of the most jaw-dropping scenes was the moment Miguel enters the Land. He walks across a bridge of orange flower petals, an artistic interpretation of a practice used in the preparation for this holiday. Living family members will trail Marigolds from the graves to the alters, hiding the dead to the living with the bright colors and scent. Miguel walks across the bridge of marigolds and not only is the art beautiful but the music’s too. With so much attention to detail is impossible not to love it.

 Trips to movies are expensive and timely and the audience might not always be a good bunch but, Coco is a movie worth seeing in the theaters. The surround sound and big screen really make this film. And if you are as big of a Pixar fan as I am, going out is a given.

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