Art Account Review by Hailey Plumb

IG | @jayleedoesart


This month’s art account of the month is Jaylee Rodriguez! Jaylee Rodriguez is a senior at Steinbrenner High School and is an extremely talented and well rounded artist. She is self taught and her artwork has even gone on to win competitions. Rodriguez has an Instagram page by the name of, @jayleedoesart. Rodriguez agreed to answer a few questions about her journey with art and how it has affected her.

“What made you want to start your account?”

“Well I had often shared pictures of my art on my Snapchat and my personal instagram but I wanted to have a place where I can specifically express my art and grow a larger audience.”

“What made you get into creating art in general?”

“Well, my family is really into the “arts” my mom sings and does music while my dad paints and draws. I always watched my parents do creative things and I wanted to do it too. I learned how to draw originally from my dad and my mom got me into music.

So being creative was always encouraged in my household and there was always a paintbrush or guitar in my house.”

“What is your favorite style of art and who is your biggest inspiration?”

“I like to try a lot of different styles, after all trying new styles is how you learn, but my favorite art style to do myself is surrealism just because it’s fun to mix different objects that you wouldn’t traditionally see together in a single piece. I also really like Impressionism. My biggest inspiration for that would be VanGogh. VanGogh suffered from depression with a number of other things and despite all his shortcomings he continued to make art. Also, his dad was a Priest and VanGogh struggled to be a “Godly man” like his father but he still explored his faith and his relationship with God through his art, which I really admire.”

“Is there anything you want to say or advice you want to give to new artists?”

“Don’t through a piece of artwork out just because you don’t like the way it turns out! It’s a bad habit that I even find myself doing now, but keeping a sketchbook that’s a “safe space” for you to experiment new techniques without worrying about how they turn out is how you learn. You can never truly progress if you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes.”

Jaylee gave sound words of advice and told her unique story of how art has inspired her in her own life. Always continue to do what you love no matter what obstacles stand in your way!

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