Writing Playlist by Kaitlin Burkhart

Making playlists is one of my favorite hobbies, because I love music and I love organizing, so playlists sort all of my favorite songs into different categories for me to listen to when it’s called for. For writing (and reading) I have a selection of songs I listen to that get me focused and don’t distract me from the task at hand. Unlike most people, some of my favorite songs have no lyrics, which is why my writing playlist is one of my favorites to listen to even if I’m not writing.

    When writing I prefer to keep the songs I’m listening to to very mellow, because if there are very big drums or sharp sounds I might lose my train of thought. Other than that, the selection of songs I chose is very vast, from songs out of scores or interludes on albums. The overall theme of them is an ambient sound to serve as background noise when you need your brain to be constantly thinking. I think my playlist would best work when writing poetry, because often sounds can inspire poetry and I think the songs I chose could do that as well as help ideas continuously develop in your head as you write.

    Overall, I think this playlist is a good way to drown out silence when writing without being completely distracted from what you’re doing. With that being said, turn on this playlist, grab a cup of tea, and get writing!

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