Art Account Review by Gianna Demalteris

IG | @irizotto

* This page or account may have profane content. The Echo and Steinbrenner High School may not support all of these views or images.

Instagram is flowing with many different art accounts and each with its own style, but the question of every aspiring artist tends to be asking is: How do I make my art stand out? 15-year-old Iris has seemed to have found her answer. In her art account, “irizotto” she uses a bold style that captures features that you’ve hardly noticed on people in everyday life. After looking at her pieces, you won’t be surprised why she has 28.1K followers.  
      The young Chinese/Italian artist creates her art style through light brushes and strokes, that has never failed to stand out on the page. Her pieces are most commonly pictures of women from a portrait point of view, but can also include full body sketches along with little nudity. She uses an array of art styles including watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils (my personal favorite), pens, and just simple pencil sketches. Her vibrant color choice is sure to catch your eye while you’re looking through the explore page and draw you into her account. Her characters usually have striking features accompanied by a piercing stare, yet always have a different expression each time. While her paintings tend to have a softer, flowing look, her sketches have sharp features that pop out to grab your attention, even if you’re just skimming over it. So, if you want something new that won’t feel like another everyday art account, check out @irizotto.

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