Gianna Ramos- Creator of the Month

Art Form: 2D Art

Grade: 12th

Written by: Angelica Reyes

The Echo: Let’s start with what kind of art do you do?

Gianna Ramos: At first, I would mostly do drawings and sketches with charcoal and pencil until I began to move forward to painting with oil, acrylics, and watercolors. Recently, I’ve also been getting into special effects makeup and set design and a bit of photography but I’m trying to get better at that.

TE: Do you have any artistic inspirations?

GR: I really love classical art and the old style. I love later styles as well like William Turner and Vincent Van Gogh. I also use my Pinterest to save color schemes or search for inspiration.

TE: How would you explain your creative process?

GR: I’m really good at seeing something and implying it into art, like if I didn’t know how to paint a cloud I could go outside and look at it and be able to paint it. At this point in my life, art has become I second nature to me, so I don’t even think too much about what I’m doing. 


TE: When did you realize art was a talent of yours?

GR: I’ve always loved painting and art as a child, but I probably realized it in middle school when I began to try out new art forms. Especially when I couldn’t take an art class my first year of middle school and I realized how important it was to me. 

TE: Have you competed with your art?

GR: Yes I’ve competed in multiple competitions and even won some cash prizes. I’ve also won competitions where my pieces were displayed at the Dali Museum and the Tampa Museum of Art in student exhibits. (see pictures below)


TE: Do you have a certain theme with your art?

GR: I actually do a lot of portraits. When I was younger, you can find old drawings I did where I drew people because I always thought it was a challenge. Every person is so different and it is a new challenge every time to draw the unique contours and shapes of the face. Even my AP concentration for AP 2D Art (which she scored a 5 on) was all portraits.

TE: So I’m assuming this is something you want to pursue as a career, what’s the plan?

GR: I’m looking at the University of Florida which has a pretty good art program along with University of Miami and USF. There are also private schools that I’m looking into such as Ringling College of Art and Design. 

TE: Are there any goals you have for your art?

GR: I definitely want to get better at digital art and get a major in graphic design and maybe one day be able to have my own art be my main source of income. Art is my entire life and who I am, I can’t really imagine my life without it.


When you open a new pack of sketching pencils


Gianna Ramos was also in Steinbrenner’s Orchestra where she played the viola. As I was interviewing her I felt a humbling, calming essence that is portrayed in her art and her art is as equally unique as her persona. I have no doubt she will continue to grow as an artist and I personally cannot wait to see her own gallery one day.

Check out her awesome art below!:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 All photos by Dex Quintal 

Check out Gianna’s Art Account: 



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